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Monday, 15 April 2013

How To Remove Print From Plastic Containers

If you are like me, you have joined pinterest and have become quit addicted.  I have a ton of pins with great ideas to do, but have not done any and not sure if they even, I have given myself a challenge and I must start trying them out or no more pinning!!!

I thought I would try to see if you can really remove the print from a plastic container.  I have been making my own Coconut Ice Cream and instead of using the popsicle trays I thought I would re-use these nice little single serving containers.

All you need is an old cloth and acetone (nail polish remover).  Soak the cloth with the acetone and cover the plastic container.  Let sit for a few minutes and then start rubbing...............

And what do you works!!  

Now I can fill them with my own home make ice cream or anything else.  These will be very useful as they do not leak either.

Now that is Creative!